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How it works.

Everything You Need To Know


Finding Your Miner

Once you determine which hosting option you prefer, there are only three factors that impact your ability to make a profit in cryptocurrency mining.  While you cannot control the exchange rates, you must be hyper-focused on your hashrates and your power usage, if not you are literally allowing your potential profitably blow away in wind (or should we say fan noise)!


Luckily we get a discount on power when it comes to the average cost of electric in the U.S., so chances are you'll be saving some money!


Cleaning Fee

Once you have selected the most suitable option for your hosting plan, it’s time for step two – paying a one-time cleaning fee. This fee will be invoiced to you via email, and will need to be paid separately and in addition to your hosting plan payment.


Cleaning Fee $299

$299 seems like a lot, right?  Well...overhauling your miner is a minimum of a 12-hour process! Once your miner has been received at one of our facilities and verified to be in working condition, it must be cleaned. This type of cleaning is far more like an overhaul than a cleaning, however it allows us to prepare your miner for its next phase.


The Cleaning Process

ALL miners, NEW or USED, must be thoroughly cleaned. No exceptions.

1.  Our highly qualified staff will disassemble your miner.

2.  The miner is then dunked into our cleaning solution to remove all dirt, dust, spores, molds, and fungus, along with anything else the factory leaves inside. This process takes about 12 hours to complete in its entirety.

3.   Your fans have to be "spoofed" in order to work within the liquid immersion system otherwise they will not operate inside the fluid.

4.   After cleaning and re-assembly, we will dunk your miner so you can begin to collect your rewards.


Shipping & Monitoring

Next, we will email a FedEX shipping label to be shipped to our state of the art location in North Carolina.  After you ship your miner, you will receive instructions through email on how to setup your account through our software system to monitor your miner.


Online Account Setup

Now that you have purchased your plan, and shipped your miner to us, its time to get your account setup with our amazing software.  This will allow you to operate your miner from anywhere with an internet browser.  You can make changes to pools, update the firmware and many other options all from your computer.



We will handle the rest.

We will do a deep clean of your miner.

Place it in our proprietary and patented BitCool liquid that is especially designed for ASIC Miners.

Keeping the temperature down, the dust away and the hashrate up.

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